About Us

Don and Chon’s story began out of a mutual pursuit for effective and lasting hair care solutions. Don, frustrated by the challenge of finding a stylist who could meet her needs, embarked on a quest for natural alternatives. This journey led her to develop a conditioner tailored for her and her daughters’ hair, driven by a passion for natural hair care.

Chon, a dedicated stylist with over 34 years of experience and a background in intensive hair care training, became Don’s trusted hairstylist for three decades. Initially introduced to Don’s homemade conditioner with some skepticism, Chon agreed to a trial period. Over 90 days, she experienced firsthand the conditioner’s impressive results. She was particularly impressed by its ability to deeply moisturize hair, leaving it noticeably softer and maintaining its natural shine.

Inspired by the positive outcomes, Don and Chon collaborated to enhance the product, ensuring its efficacy across diverse hair textures. Their partnership not only celebrates their shared commitment to exceptional hair care but also highlights their dedication to providing natural solutions that nurture and beautify hair for all.

Established in 2021, Uniquely You Natural Hair Care Products are meticulously crafted to cater to individual hair needs. With a foundation rooted in years of cosmetology practice and extensive hair care research, our mission is driven by a passion to share these insights with clients and fellow professionals. Our formulations harness the power of natural fruit and plant-based ingredients to address various hair care challenges and maintenance needs, providing numerous benefits including:

  • Repairing dry, brittle ends
  • Addressing thinning and shedding
  • Promoting hair growth
  • Addressing premature graying
  • Strengthening hair follicles
  • Combatting dandruff
  • Improving hair texture and reducing dryness
  • Adding moisture without weighing down hair
  • Enhancing volume and controlling frizz
  • Boosting protein for growth

At Uniquely You Natural Hair Care Products, we are dedicated to offering a natural alternative that nurtures and enhances your uniquely designed crown of hair.